The Fragmentator: Part I

by Brennan Leeds

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This album was written from my dogs perspective. His entire life has been based around how people interact, which has caused him to spend a large amount of time considering the ins and outs of psychosocial development. All he needed to express his conclusions was a group of people willing to bring his point of view to human ears. That's where my friends and I come in! Here's part I, produced by John Miller (Aloha) and Teddy & I (Arcade God).

John Miller -


released August 19, 2015

Aloha -
Produced, arranged, and played by: John Miller
Cello'd, harmonized by: Katie Larson
Guitar'd and sung by: Brennan Leeds
Written by: Ted B. Leeds

Arcade God -
Produced, played, by: Brennan Leeds
Written by: Ted B. Leeds



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Brennan Leeds Conway, Arkansas

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Track Name: Aloha (feat. John Miller)
I'm worrying about you
worrying about me
worrying about you,

I thought I'd write a tune
worrying about you
worrying about me.

Why worry when we see
that there's a might in everything?

I love you.
I'm sorry, please forgive me!
Thank you very much.
I love you,

Why rent a boat
why fly a car
why stay afloat
when worry's not too far?
Why snag a quote
why raise the bar
why sing a note
when worry's not too far?
Track Name: Arcade God
I walked around the crooked corner,
past the man who needs a quarter,
steeped in pouts made brick and mortar
bummed that I am just a hoarder

I slipped the veil and to beheld
a Burger King Casino meld, I yelled,
already drowned among the hell:
the shelf put on a shelf of sell.

Around me rung the bells of hope
strangling gamblers, tickling cope;
a lush giant carpet rug moat
and inside flashing islands afloat.

Careened my mind among the bounce
of wistful wishing whistling out:
balloon brains in a blissful bout
of losing more and losing doubt.

I caught mine skipping on that sea,
slapped it to spin outwardly,
and I saw a sparkly "sweet pea"
jitterily sat down in a plea
eyes rolling, the slot machine
the first two lines, and then the three,
bewildered by unknown forseen,
her forehead wrinkled up in glee
risen by rosen guarantee
of a lifetimes supply of "chicken wee's"
and a craft tee,
all this caught on DVD
I just whispered, "yahtzee."

And so she swiveled, reeling awe
whooping like a roosters caw.
They all came running as they saw
the nuggets puked across the hall,
spat straight like light from arcade god
fried golden promises made law.

And fresh from vat
they sizzled like scat
and burned the fat
of all those rats.
They screamed and shat,
"Give it all back!"
but sound alone can't mend all cracks.
Then they lie flat,
"We'll still survive under the mat!"
but the game kept spitting
until their chat
was but a splat
& the room had no room for a gnat,
and that was that.