The Fragmentator: Part II

by Brennan Leeds

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My dog wrote this album. (see description for Part I) My friends produced it! At its core, it's about how we work together as humans. We all need help expressing what we feel. If there wasn't somebody else in the equation, who could understand ya? Call a friend, tell them you love them! It's because of them that you are you. :) Here's part II, produced by Braydon Germain (IOU), Kai Felsman (GLKIALT) and Teddy & I (Simply Infinite).


released September 11, 2015

Simply Infinite -
Performed by: Brennan Leeds
Written by: Ted B Leeds

Produced, harmonized by: Kai Felsman
Guitar'd, bass'd, piano'd, sung by: Brennan Leeds
Written by: Ted B Leeds

Produced, organ'd, harmonized by: Braydon Germain
Sung, guitar'd by: Brennan Leeds
Written by: Ted B Leeds



all rights reserved


Brennan Leeds Conway, Arkansas

hey :)

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Track Name: Simply Infinite
"Simply Infinite"
After my trip to Vegas,
I wagged my way on back to Northampton Massachusetts
Found myself wandering the streets there one night searching for a drink and a bite,
when I came across this sad, scraggly lookin kid sittin on the steps of the Smith College Museum of Art
He seemed really confused..
I wanted to help so, I sat down and asked him what was wrong.
He shook his head and said,

"Sorry that I seem down man, it's all a stupid mind game I've been playing within the linear and dualist structures of our culture,
It started long ago, in my younger days as a high schooler in the Bible Belt,
Ya see, because I wore certain clothes and cared about folks feelin's, I was known as the quote unquote "Gay kid" in my grade,
I was the scarecrow that stood out because my brain looked beyond the confines of southern convention and out into the open where the flurry of feathers fallin' and flyin' through the sky formed all the colors of the rainbow.
Though I was bullied quite a bit for many reasons, the only thing that hurt was the knowledge of the fact that humans don't universally consider love to be the same feeling for all, regardless of physical variances.
It pushed me to wanna leave & find a place where people didn't see a life as having to be purely one thing or the other. Individuals aren't only black or white.. we're all these gorgeous diversities made up of everything that has been and anything that could ever be..."

So, gradually he moved up north...

"What's got me so upset,
Is that I've found its no different here,
My roommate still calls this place a lesbian's town,
And I know he means no harm,
But to generalize and place any human in a box,
Is to weigh things down with preconceptions that could never begin to describe the complicated beauty within someone's being.
And it wreaks such havoc...
For instance, because of these things
My whole life I've been tricked into a social anxiety,
Folks tell me I need to be myself,
But my "self" never makes sense to them 'cause it never falls on just one side of the spectrum,
It flows like a wave through the whole thing, like everyone."

After this, he stood up and dusted off the back of his pants, clearly overwhelmed by the nature of stereotypes, and with a final parting nod he mumbled,

"Distinction begets discrimination,
and if we'd all just stop trying to pin ourselves down,
We'd be able to fly 'round the earth like the shining suns we are,
knowing that the search for self is useless
because we're all simply infinite.."
Track Name: GLKIALT
Wook around, you're behind and going south
only seeing in the black and white,
but up north they're blind
from the source just being too truly bright.

So, don't mention it.
I'm sorry that I did,
but that was just to gain your attention,
So we can figure out how to shut concepts down
like, "the gay lookin kid in a lesbians town"

Just ebbing in the flow of what he knows:
femininity and those thrown stones.
A phobaphob, scared to show what he feels he owes,
so the opposite is what's let go.

So, don't mention it.
I'm sorry that I did,
but that was just to gain your attention,
so we can figure out how to shut concepts down
Track Name: IOU
There's no use tryin'
no goodbyes, then!
A gentle wind just beckons the call.
A swirlin' plume to float the room,
That's all.

I owe you plenty
I owe you one

We're all sociopathic stars
sipping light beer in the
middle of a ray
for the taste of sun tan
potion promises.

I owe you plenty
I owe you one

"I was at a funeral recently and I got so fucking pissed:
the preacher had no idea
that my dead buddy was an atheist,
& his grin ate shit all bloody morning
before and after we were gone."

and the prophet whispers
"It's all up
It's all down
It's all over now."

We owe you plenty
We owe you one