The Fragmentator: Part III

by Brennan Leeds

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An album written from the perspective of my dog and produced by my buddies. An album about humanity, how we grow, how we help each other, but most of all, about the artist that lives inside each of us. My friends are just a few who imbued these songs with a piece of who they are. If you haven't heard their stuff, please go, hopefully it can inspire you and your pals! :)
John Miller -
Braydon Germain -
Kai Felsman -
Shaqed Druyan -
Pat Algeo -
Katie Larson -


released November 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Brennan Leeds Conway, Arkansas

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Track Name: Funeral for a Mosquito
'Round midnight
I heard ya buzzing
and the screen's light
was ever hovering
I fought and you'd fly
always returning
'cause I'm a new I
and you're still learning

how these tarot seem to show
life's like a box of blocks of Lego.
Please know, Mosquito,
I've only got so much blood to let go.

I caught you by the chair,
you flew away from there
onto the warm wall where
you said your last preprayers
and my paw took your air.

How these tarot seem to show
life's like a box of blocks of Lego.
Please know, Mosquito,
I've only got so much blood to let go.

Took my brick pile
started searching
for the right style
of ones to turn in
to your casket
its plastic burning,
singing smoke songs
to your kinspersons.

How these tarot seem to show
life's like your box of blocks of Lego.
Please know, Mosquito,
I've only got so much blood to let go.
Track Name: One of Those Days
just thinkin' about it ya know,
havin' one of those days.
It's all okay..

All I could think of was
that it was one of those days,
I got "my ace" all but spayed
with the interplay that waged between us,
no pay though
for that genius,
he's just leaning on the ottoman
vodka hopped to the hip in him
lost within ostentatious heavy hums
to the hymn that
sure twisted him sideways,
broke the angle,
obtuse not sprained,
and also it rained...

Did I mention that this divorcee's my roommate? No?
Well forget it; she quit it,
while he's got three kinds of quidditch to be played
with cancer,
an answer to the pain brought on by the stain
of a lifetime of cigarette drain
but it's not him to blame,
it's nobody,
he couldn't choose that his name would be a cold copy.

My only friend these days
is my 60 year old roommate
Life's not a fucking game
that should be played seriously,
it's one of chance change.
So wait.

For the
pass go, don't forget to collect 200K in lucky slave pennies,
marching around,
rolling us down -
A copper that causes trips downtown
tossing us round with the crowd
and an over saturation of useless frowns.
Fuck Lincoln,
I thought you were a revolution,
now it just seems like you're the pot that pollution brews in,
a "solution" bruising our shoes,
(all except for Kanye's,
now we're loosing our footing
and turning into foosball players,
no control over all of our layers,
a ton of naysayers,
saying, "hey" to the haters,
"we will see you later."
Track Name: Why? There! There.
I watched the minute fly
he buzzed around my eye
then vanished with no sigh
no semblance of goodbye
just a wisp of the "why?"

I sought that wandering mind
strangled and about to die
found him tangled in a cry
I said "I'll never be that guy:
just a wisp of the "why?""

Because I know you'll be there,
It's too irrelevant.
There, there darling, I'm here.

No, nothing is ever mine.
Entitlement's a lie
caught in the gettin' by
from being planted in the rye
just to wisp in the "why?"

There's one thing to deny:
the fact that we comply.
Only confused in our reply,
left to straggle side by side
in the wisp of the "why?"